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smart pft USB.

PC-based USB Spirometer for precise spirometry measurements The smart PFT USB is our basic Spirometer for the use on every PC. The use of modern electronics and sensors as well as our completely linear Flowsensor enables the performance of extremely precise spirometry tests.

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smart pft nebulizer

All-purpose device for pulmonary challenge testing The smart PFT nebulizer is the ideal equipment for the use in pulmonary challenge testing. It is not bound to the other smart PFT products, so it can be used with devices of nearly all other manufacturers.

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smart pft body

A real panorama view box with newest technology Our smart PFT body is not just an optical eye-catcher, but it also offers the ability to measure easily and precisely every patient.

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smart pft CO transfer

Fast, linear and selective gas analysis for precise CO transfer testing The combination of the gas analyzer and our flow and electronic equipment enables the precise measurement of the CO transfer as stand-alone device or in combined with the smart PFT body.

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Easy-to-use software that meets the latest ERS/ATS recommendations Our experience in lung function testing for several years and the collaboration with doctors all over the world helped us to create a sophisticated software, with a modern and friendly user interface.

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